Business Watch Program

The Business Watch Program is an offshoot of the Neighborhood Watch concept. The purpose of establishing a Business Watch Program is to help educate business proprietors about various precautions they can take in an effort to deter crime. The objective of the Business Watch program is to reduce crime in commercial areas through heightened awareness and direct communication between the Forsyth County Sheriff”s Office and local businesses.

In 2015, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) reported just under 12,000 robberies and almost 64,000 burglaries, across the state of Georgia. (Source: Georgia Bureau of Investigation - 2015 Crime Statistics Summary Report)

Objective of the Business Watch Program

The program’s objective is to educate business owners and their employees in an effort to deter crime by:

  • Improving communication between businesses and the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office.
  • Educate and inform business owners and employees through the development of programs and presentations that will address current crime trends or concerns.

Training topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Safety in the work place
  • Self Defense Classes
  • General Crime Prevention
  • Identity theft prevention
  • Street gang awareness
  • Work place Drug awareness
  • Business Security Surveys
  • Armed Robbery Prevention and Survival
  • Check and Credit Card Fraud Prevention
  • Shoplifting Prevention and awareness

Benefits for Business Owners:

  1. Business Watch will help build relationships between business owners, employees, and the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office. Relationships will be forged among businesses located near one another through better communication.
  2. Crime prevention deputies will hold meetings with loss prevention, store managers, and owners to share information and discuss local and national trends affecting business safety.

For more information about our Business Watch Program,
or to get your business signed up, contact:

South Precinct Problem Oriented Policing Unit
Corporal Angela Taylor
Phone: 770-781-3055
Deputy Jon Beival
Phone: 678-513-5842

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