K9 Unit

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit consist of five (5) Dual Purpose Canine/Deputy Teams. The primary duties of the K9 Unit include, but are not limited to:

  • Tracking lost or missing persons
  • Tracking suspects engaged in criminal activities
  • Evidence Recovery
  • Lost Property Recovery
  • Assisting in high risk warrants
  • Locating illicit narcotics (extensive training)

These Unit Teams are not limited to a specific area or patrol beat, and are dispatched wherever they are needed. Our Canine/Deputy Teams have assisted surrounding cities, counties, and agencies.

Our Dual Purpose Canine Teams train daily and meet up four (4) times a month to conduct scenario based K9 Training. This training helps to ensure our Canine/Deputy Teams maintain a high standard of performance and can perform well on live deployments. Additionally, all five (5) Dual Purpose Canine Teams are certified twice a year.

The first certification is done through the National Narcotic Drug Dog Association (NNDDA). The NNDDA is a professional, nonprofit organization dedicated to the utilization and proficiency of scent detector dogs for the benefit of Law Enforcement. Their purpose of the NNDDA is to provide training pertaining to the laws of search and seizure, utilizing scent detector dogs and a method of certification for court purposes.

The second certification is completed through Custom Canine Unlimited (CCU). CCU is a reputable law enforcement and civilian K-9 training facility, located here in North Georgia. Their extensive dog training programs have been proven effective and reliable over the years.

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